Monday, May 14, 2007

Handicap Parking

There has been enough said, posted, blogged and written the last few months regarding who is supposed to park in the handicap parking spaces. We have students and caregivers of students that need and use the spots each day and if you are neither of these, please do not use these areas to park, pull into or drop-off if even for "a minute." It is not possible for someone to police these spaces at all times.......whether it be at Hyer, Tom Thumb or NorthPark so it is up to each individual to make an effort to obey the law and only park in a handicap space if you have a designated and legal permit/placard from the state of Texas allowing you to do so.

What a great school and a great community we have in these 6 square miles.........we can do better than going back and forth on blogs and in Starbucks about "who said what", "who parked where", and "what happened next." Let's move forward and let's pull forward from this point on.......especially if you were thinking of illegally parking in one of Hyer's handicap spots.