Wednesday, May 2, 2007

4th Grade Mom's Skit - Info from 07-08 PTA President

Dear Parents~

Thank you for your overwhelming response to our 4th grade mom's skit
survey. I appreciate everyone taking the time to give me your feedback.

Yesterday, I called an Executive Board meeting between both year's
boards and Greg Smith to discuss these results. I felt it was important
to involve this team in making the right decision. We evaluated the
results of the survey and based on these results, we will continue the
tradition of the 4th grade skit. We have taken into account all
comments and have designed a new format of which to continue. We feel
these changes are positive and everyone will feel comfortable

Some of these changes include:
1. New name: 4th Grade Parent's skit (dad's are welcome too)
2. New date: We will hold the skit the last week of school to be part
of 4th grade graduation activities - Thursday May 29th
3. New format: There will be musical numbers and comedy skits and
groups will chosen differently
4. New Direction: All scripts, routines, music, costumes, rehearsal
time, etc. will have set guidelines

We believe these changes will have a positive impact on this tradition.
It is our hopes that the 4th Grade Parent Skit continues as it was
originally intended.. to be fun! We are continuing a tradition that is
for our children! If we keep them in mind at all times, then this can
be a fun experience for everyone. Let's keep it simple, clean and fun!

Thank you again for your support and participation in this decision.

With gratitude,


Jenice Dunayer
Hyer PTA President '07-'08

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