Thursday, April 5, 2007

Brought my spotlight with me today.........

I dug through my garage last night until I finally found my spotlight underneath the 10 person tent that we had planned on using every weekend for years.........I think we used it once and when we realized air conditioning wasnt included and the temperature at night in July was 102.......well, the tent has been gathering dust since. But I birdwalk......I found my spotlight and thought I might use it today to spotlight a couple of our fabulous teachers at Hyer.

The first teacher I would like to spotlight is Mary Kate McIntosh, a second grade teacher at Hyer. Ms. McIntosh has been teaching for 20+ years and does a wonderful job of designing work with the rigor and substance that students find engaging. Entering the classroom on any given day is akin to walking into a science out for the wide assortment of insects, spiders and various other biological life forms. Never a dull moment in this classroom......wonderful learning abounds!

I would also like to take this spotlight and shine it on one of our newest staff members, Adrienne Dieterich. Ms. Dieterich teaches music and is in her first year at Hyer. We managed to "recruit" Ms. Dieterich away from her former district and she has done a fabulous job in her first year at HPISD. From the wonderful student programs to the work the students are doing each day, Ms. Dieterich has a classroom where her students are not just "hands on" but "minds on." Maybe if I had Ms. Dieterich when I was in elementary school, I would be one of the final 9 in American Idol.......except I am sure that Sanjaya would leave me in his dust as well.

Such is life.........

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