Thursday, April 26, 2007

4th Grade Program Information

Dear Parents,

Our fourth grade students are performing Music Through the Decades on the evening of Thursday, May 10th. Friends and family of students in Alexander, Funderburk, and Miller’s classes are invited to the 6:15pm performance. Friends and family of students in Pino, Rohde/Payne, and Tilger’s classes are invited to attend the second performance at 7:30pm. We will also be performing for the school the morning of Wednesday, May 9th.

Every class is assigned a decade and will wear a costume that is characteristic of that decade. E-mails have been sent out from parent volunteers giving costume suggestions for your child’s decade. If your child has been assigned a speaking part, he/she will dress in the decade that has been assigned to the class. If your child is a member of one of the small ensembles, please consult the list below for his/her appropriate decade dress. The decade assignments are as follows:

ALEXANDER/ROHDE/PAYNE: 50’s (Contact: Sandra Lewandowski)

FUNDERBURK/ROHDE/PAYNE: 60’s (Contact: Jennifer Shelmire and Alicia Fanning)

MILLER/ROHDE/PAYNE: 70’s (Contact: Margaret Watson)

PINO/ROHDE/PAYNE: 80’s (Contact: Suzanne Chaltas and Kim Meaders)

TILGER/ROHDE/PAYNE: 50’s (Contact: Martha Stedman)

Small Ensembles:

LOLLIPOP GIRLS: 50’s (Contact: Jill Crow and Katherine Westbrook)

I WILL SURVIVE GIRLS: 70’s (Contact: Sandra Lewandowski and Margaret Watson)

STAYIN’ ALIVE GUYS: 70’s (Contact: Sandra Lewandowski and Margaret Watson)

Please have your child bring his/her costume to school on Monday, May 7th, in a bag with his/her name-decade-class written on it. Their bag will stay at school in the music room.

Our students have been working extremely hard on this production, and we are all very excited. If you would like to volunteer to help with costumes or the set, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail or call me at school.


Adrienne Dieterich

Music Teacher

Hyer Elementary School

(214) 780-3300

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