Friday, February 1, 2008

Birthdays, 1/2 Birthdays, 1/4 Leap Year 2nd Cousin Celebrations

Ok, I love birthdays as much as the next person. If there is a situation where I might get a present......especially a gadget......I am all for it. I don't even mind making up a holiday in order to celebrate.....I believe National Squirrel Day is just around the corner.......

But as for school, this is a reminder that as far as student birthday parties go, they can only be celebrated in the cafeteria during the student's lunch. This rule is the same for teachers as well. There are two parties allowed per year......and those are usually around the Winter Break, Valentine's Day or Halloween. The rule is in place in order to protect instructional time in the classroom. me the "birthday grinch" but I need for everyone to stick to this rule in the future. Save the clowns, balloons and life-size T-Rex's and complete Star Wars themed parties including Wookie costumes for all for the home parties......

As for me, I will just browse through Best Buy and hope for the best come birthday time from my wife......hopefully she will know what "Blu Ray" is by that point.



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