Monday, October 22, 2007

Hyer Carnival

October is always busy at Hyer! Thank you to all Hyer
parents for your countless volunteer hours to make this
year’s Carnival one of the BEST EVER!!! I heard so
many wonderful comments about everything from the
games and prizes to the decorations and our fabulous
weather! It was a perfect day for an All American
Carnival! Our leader, Gretchen Hirschey and her
Carnival team put together a Carnival that will go down
in history. The Cub Scouts were a huge help in clean up as well! What would we do without you and the Dad’s Club who helped set it all
up! It takes many hands to make that even happen
and I am sure that we had 100% participation and that
shows true Hyer SPIRIT!
With Hyer PRIDE,
Jenice Dunayer

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